Fitness: 15. November 2019 – Leben Hack Sharon Stone shows rank and slim in a Bikini.

Sharon Stone proves once more how fit she is of 62 years. Her most recent Bikini photo on Instagram cares for are Amazed.

In the case of Sharon Stone ( «Basic Instinct» ) age seems to be just a number. Recently, the actress presented on Instagram her toned body in a skimpy Bikini, and at the age of 62 years. Her slim figure and flat belly can absolutely see .

Stone is posing in the photo casual at your local luxury swimming pool. By the way it adheres to the strict mask of duty, for a number of weeks due to the Corona-crisis. From a simple mouth-nose cover made of fabric, it seems to hold but apparently only a little.

Instead, you prefer a bizarre armor helmet.

Stones Fitness Secret.

Stones slim line is no accident. The 62-Year-old to keep up with regular Stretch meditation Workouts fit. Also, you completely eliminate alcohol. Not even a glass of wine with dinner is allowed in your .